Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blind Lemon Jefferson Folder 4 (1929)

Tracks: Competition Bed Blues (2nd Master)/Sad News Blues (2nd Master)/Eagle Eyed Mama/Dynamite Blues/That Black Snake Moan No. 2/Tin Cup Blues/Oil Well Blues/Saturday Night Spender Blues/Peach Orchard Mama (2nd Master)/Big Night Blues (1st Master)/Big Night Blues (2nd Master)/Bakershop Blues/Long Distance Moan/Bed Springs Blues/Yo Yo Blues/Pneumonia Blues/That Crawlin' Baby Blues/Southern Woman Blues/Mosquito Moan/Cat Man Blues/Fence Breakin' Yellin' Blues/The Cheaters Spell/Disgusted Blues/Empty House Blues/Bootin' Me 'Bout

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Blind Lemon Jefferson Folder 3 (1928)

Tracks: 'Lectric Chair Blues/See That My Grave Is Kept Clean/Lemon's Worried Blues/Prison Cell Blues/Balky Mule Blues/Mean Jumper Blues/Lemon's Cannon Ball Moan/Change My Luck Blues/Piney Woods Money Mama/Low Down Mojo Blues/Blind Lemon's Penitentiary Blues (Unknown Take)/Blind Lemon's Penitentiary Blues (Take 2)/Long Lastin' Lovin'/Lockstep Blues  (1st Master)/Hangman's Blues (1st Master)/Lockstep Blues (2nd Master)/Hangman's Blues (2nd Master)/How Long How Long/Christmas Eve Blues/Happy New Year Blues/D B Blues/Maltese Cat Blues/Competition Bed Blues (1st Master)/Sad News Blues (1st Master)

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Blind Lemon Jefferson Folder 2 (1927)

Tracks: Black Snake Moan/Match Box Blues/Match Box Blues (Take 2)/Match Box Blues (Take 4)/Easy Rider Blues/Rising High Water Blues/Teddy Bear Blues (Take 1)/Teddy Bear Blues (Take 2)/Hot Dogs/Weary Dogs Blues/Black Snake Dream Blues/Right Of Way Blues/Rambler Blues/Struck Sorrow Blues/Chinch Bug Blues/Deceitful Brownskin Blues/Gone Dead On You Blues/One Dime Blues/Where Shall I Be/He Arose From The Dead/See That Grave's Kept Clean/Sunshine Special/Lonesome House Blues

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Blind Lemon Jefferson Folder 1 (1925-1926)

Tracks: All I Want Is That Pure Religion/I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart/Booster Blues/Dry Southern Blues/Long Lonesome Blues (Take 1)/Long Lonesome Blues (Take 2)/Got The Blues (Take 1)/Got The Blues (Take 2)/Black Horse Blues/Corinna Blues (Take 1)/Corinna Blues (Take 2)/Long Lonesome Blues (Remade Matrix)/Got The Blues (Remade Matrix)/Jack O Diamond Blues (Take 1)/Jack O Diamond Blues (Take 2)/Chock House Blues/Beggin Back/Old Rounders Blues/That Black Snake Moan/Stocking Feet Blues/Wartime Blues/Booger Rooger Blues/Bad Luck Blues/Broke And Hungry/Rabbit Foot Blues/Shuckin' Sugar Blues

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gertrude Saunders (1921-1927)

Tracks: I'm Craving For That Kind Of Love/Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home/Love Me/Potomac River Blues/Don't Let Your Love Come Down/You Can't Have It Unless I Give It To You

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Monday, January 23, 2012